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To support the formation of civil society and development of democracy.

понедельник, 8 февраля 2010 г.

Matra project

Matra project

In 2010 the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi will hold two rounds of competitions for the delegated Matra funds (former Matra KAP), for the eligible Armenian and Georgian non-governmental organisations! .

Deadlines for submitting project proposals are:

1 April 2010, 16:00
1 September 2010, 16:00

Qualifying themes for Armenia are (examples given are not an exhaustive list of areas of intervention):

Human rights and minorities, information and media

Activities in the fields of human rights: addressing issues related to the protection and promotion of the fundamental rights and freedoms, promoting the rights of vulnerable groups; fighting against discrimination on any ground; engaging civil society in the human rights policy dialogue; monitoring the implementation and fulfilment of the states obligations within the international conventions and treaties;

Rights and integration of minorities;

Research & Public information services to improve the functioning of a democratic society;

Support for free media: radio, television and journalism; support for the use of new media; issues related to the freedom of information;

Awareness-raising campaigns.

Human welfare
Developing volunteer work and private initiative; societies and clubs;
Improving the quality of professional care for the elderly and the disabled;
“Children at risk”: street children, children and AIDS, child prostitution, juvenile delinquents, child labour;
Other initiatives related to specific issues of social / human development, including civil society engagement in the social / human welfare policy dialogue.
For more information on the programme, application forms, competition terms, please see the Matra section of the Embassy website:www.mfa.nl/tbi

Please read the FAQ before filling in the application form. Project proposal must be submitted in English, through email or by mail. Application forms can be downloaded from the Matra section of the Embassy website: www.mfa.nl/tbi

For further questions, please contact:

Sophiko Gelashvili
Civil Society Programme Manager (Matra)

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Sheraton Metekhi Palace Hotel
20 Telavi Street,
0103 Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel.: +995 32- 276 200
Fax: +995 32 276 232
E-mail: sophiko.gelashvili@minbuza.nl

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