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Our Mission:

To support the formation of civil society and development of democracy.

среда, 10 марта 2010 г.

World Bank’s Civil Society Fund

The World Bank Yerevan Office is pleased to invite application proposals under the World Bank’s Civil Society Fund (CSF, formerly known as the Small Grants Program). The size of an individual grant is the Armenian Dram equivalent of $8,000-10,000. Grants projects will be selected on a competitive basis, and will be available to local non-governmental, non-commercial organizations (NGOs) with at least two years of practical and active experience.
Applicant organizations are strongly encouraged to show cash or in-kind contribution commitment for the implementation of the project.

The grants will support activities whose primary objective is civic engagement –strengthening the voices of diverse groups and promoting inclusion and participation of a broad array of citizens’ initiatives in development policies and processes. Adherence to this objective will be an important criterion for potential award. The activities should:

* Promote public consensus and local ownership for reforms and for national poverty reduction and development strategies by creating knowledge-sharing networks, building common ground for understanding, encouraging government agencies, civil society, donor organizations and private sector cooperation, and sometimes even diffusing tensions;
* Give voice to the concerns of poor and marginalized groups, and help ensure that their views are factored into policy and program decisions;
* Strengthen and leverage impact of development programs, by providing local knowledge, identifying potential risks, targeting assistance, and expanding reach, also at the community level;
* Bring innovative ideas and solutions to development challenges at local level;
* Improve public transparency and accountability of development activities, contributing to the enabling environment for good governance;
* Reveal problems related to youth and organize discussions on the possible solution of these issues.

Projects may also include workshops and seminars, costs for publications or audio-visual materials. The program will not provide support for operational projects; research programs; formal academic training programs; ongoing institutional support; scholarships; or for individuals applying for travel or studies. Please note that the administrative expenses of the preparation of proposals will not be considered, and administration costs of the NGOs during program implementation must be strictly limited and fully justified.

The duration of the projects should be no longer than twelve (12) months. The estimated start date for the implementation of the grants will not be earlier than June 1, 2010.

Applications must be submitted to the World Bank Yerevan Office, in a hard copy, in Armenian and/or English. You can also send the electronic copy of the application to the following email addresses: vsargsyan@worldbank.org; agrigoryan1@worldbank.org. The application should not exceed four (4) pages (excluding attachments).

You can obtain the application form from the WB Yerevan Office, or download it from the following link: http://www.rec-caucasus.org/Csf-2010.zip

For questions, please contact The World Bank Yerevan Office to +374 10 520992.

The deadline for submissions is April 2, 2010, 16:00

World Bank Yerevan Office
9, Grigor Lusavorich Street, 6th floor
0015 Yerevan